Surveillance and Monitoring Solutions for the 21st Century

Welcome to RADIXON

In our increasingly complex and unsafe world, surveillance and monitoring in multi-disciplinary domains is essential to ensuring safety and protecting our society against destabilizing threats. We put our know-how into making our world a safer place.

Our innovative technology is ready to meet the extraordinary challenges of the 21st century, and anticipate the challenges ahead. With our extensive range of cost-effective ready-made radio communication surveillance and monitoring systems, combined with our proven track record of successful research and development of customized solutions, RADIXON assists government and commercial customers in achieving their objectives.

RADIXON products and solutions are focused on the priorities of capability, efficiency, precision and dependability. Our aim is to provide our customers with high-performance products based on future-proof technologies, with rock-solid reliability, exceeding all expectations.

At RADIXON, we work hard at the leading edge, always pushing the limits of technology. Motivated by a job well done, by the satisfaction of our customers, we strive to redefine the boundaries of possibility, to make impossible and unthinkable reachable and affordable today.

Our mission is your success.